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About This Project

Today ezpublish.se7enx.com is a place to learn about the continued releases of eZ Publish 6.0.x.

This is a project home page to be refined to offer the best information about eZ Publish CMS a popular website building software suite of related software.

This site has been serving the eZ Ecosystem since 10/2014.


eZPublishLegacy.se7enx.com before 2022 was a site for people interested the past releases of eZ Publish 3.x, 4.x and 5.x "Legacy" CMS. We currently offer a mirror of eZ Publish release downloads.

eZPublishLegacy.com was created to provide the community with past releases of eZ Publish no longer hosted on the public internet any longer.

eZPublishLegacy.se7enx.com was selected to replace the costly domain.


We aggregate syndicated content from several key sources:

  • Share.ez.no Downloads
  • Auth.ez.no Downloads
  • eZ.no Downloads
  • We mirror so you don't have to :)

Share a download package

If you have a download package we are missing would you please feel free to contact us.

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This site is dedicated to the eZ Community that serves us all so well.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to David Broadfoot who provided this site with excellent hosting support.

Special thanks to Steven Bailey who provided the inspiration and archive support for this site.


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The web site mirror content is copyright the original author/publisher/distributor/documenter/etc.


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We are not affiliated with eZ Systems in any way.