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7x is now hosting our package server containing all the installation (site style, extension and demo data) packages required to complete the eZ Publish 6 installation setup step.

The package server is located at: http://packages.ezpublishlegacy.se7enx.com

To use our package server simply create a settings/override/package.ini.append.php file and add this content:

[RepositorySettings] RemotePackagesIndexURL=http://packages.ezpublishlegacy.se7enx.com/ezpublish/6.0/6.0.0/ RemotePackagesIndexURLBase=http://packages.ezpublishlegacy.se7enx.com/ezpublish

Clear ini caches and then simply complete the eZ Publish Legacy installation.

The above package ini changes work with eZ Publish 3.x through eZ Publish 5.x and with eZ Publish 6.0

For those with a keen interest in our work, we are also maintaining this mirror on GitHub, https://github.com/se7enxweb/packages.ezpublishlegacy.se7enx.com