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Download eZ Publish 6.0.3 Today from GitHub, SourceForge or Composer Packages! eZ Publish is the stable cms that allows you the freedom to focus on your core design and content while everything else works as desired. Requirements: PHP 8.1+ and MySQL 8.x

Take a look at our free demo of the latest version.

Recent developments

We have created a full fledged maintained fork of every eZ Systems Git Repositories for eZ Publish now maintained by 7x (#1), then created PackaGist.org Packages For Composer installation of eZ Publish and Extensions (#2), then created updated ezpackages for setup wizard installation on our new GitHub Pages based eZ Publish Package Server (#3, #4).

Now we have the infrastructure to deploy changes to the entire eZ Publish (Systems) to customers via Composer / GitHub.

This means streamlining development and release processes and resuming development on the major version release of 6.0.3.

Past Support Efforts

Long ago suspended the auto update as the community was no longer in development. We had created an automatically updated fork of all of eZ Systems' eZ Publish Legacy related repositories and almost all eZ Publish bundles / eZ Publish Legacy extensions and Zeta Components repositories available on GitHub in an effort to ensure that after the product is no longer supported the software remains available. Checkout our forked eZ Publish Legacy GitHub repositories we currently have over 726!